Lights, Camera, Passion

  If you know me at all, you’d know that I am a huge movie buff. I love something about every movie I have ever seen. I stay far from critics reviews and like to form my own opinions from what I see on screen. True there are ones that I see that I wonder how they ever made it to production, but I see good and bad things in those films as well. I would always say what I would do in certain aspects of filming, or who I think would think could have played certain roles better, but that is very easy to do from the outside looking in. I wanted to directly affect products people saw as entertainment, so I opted to take my knowledge of photography that I learned at Antonelli College and combine it with a broadcasting mind frame. That led me to the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, where I could expand my expertise in lighting, camera angles and techniques, and rules with broadcast elements like audio production, video editing, and behind the scenes etiquette to become the next great person in movie making. This is my passion, and when you ask what a dream job is, something involving movie making definitely fits the bill for me. Directing or producing a film that receives such acclaim as ones associated with Spielberg, Scorsese, Whedon, or Ron Howard would be my ultimate dream coming to reality. Most of all, I would love to be responsible for bringing something new to a genre that has at times become a little stale. I as a fan can understand that some movies need remakes to get out a message that some people weren’t around for, and I do think that anyone watching a remake should take some time out to check out the original. That is not my problem at all, it’s when a movie only has a small lifespan and a few years later there is a reboot in the works. The movies disrupt and totally disregard all the hard work that was put into films prior to rebooting. I know that movie making is a business and money is a driving factor in mostly all these decisions, but you should think about the fans of today. We no longer get to enjoy movies that are considered classics anymore. When films like Casablanca, Citizen Kane, or It’s A Wonderful Life were release they were allowed the opportunity to stand the test of time. That is a luxury that new films of today rarely get. It’s like something’s made, fans love or hate it for a few years, then there is a reboot. I feel like there are more directions some characters in these stories can go to, but no one is exploring any new terrain. I want to be the guy who can take new stories and old to new horizons, and make something familiar unnoticeable. The film industry needs new blood, and I want to be a person capable of breathing new life into a tainted industry. My drive to be the best at everything I do led me to inquire about getting into the business. My military background along with training I am obtaining from school and intern work has me on a collision course with my dreams and I don’t plan on getting derailed. I won’t stop until I am the guy yelling “Lights, Camera, Action.”


About danachristman1

I am a Veteran of the US Air Force, who is now a working Photographer. I love spending time with the family and friends. I have a passion for movies and sports. I am looking to make a big splash in the film industry and photography world. I am very focused on the task at hand and will not stop until the job is complete. I have some very strong core values and never take my work lightly. I can be a very hard critic on myself and don't mind constructive criticism. I am very much into helping those who need a little help also. I just want to be successful and will do my best to achieve my goals.

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